☄️Numerology Life Path #11 ~ You’ve Been Waiting For This! ~ 2022 Soulscope

To find out your numerology life path number, take each number of your birthday and add it together.

Birthday of February 12, 1978 would be:
Take the year and add together, then reduce to a single digit
1+9+7+8 = 25
2+5 = 7
Year is a 7
Take the day of your birth and add together, then reduce to a single digit if a double digit number
Day = 1+2 = 3
Day is 3
Take the month of your birth and add together, then reduce to a single digit number if it’s a double digit number
February = 2
Month is 2

Then add all three numbers together and reduce to a single digit unless 11, 22 or 33
7+3+2 = 12
1+2 = 3
Life path number for 2/12/1978 is a *3*
*(do not reduce to a single digit if you get 11, 22 or 33 as your final number)*

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