♍️ Virgo October 2021 Life Path Reading ~ The Path of the Sacred Lover ????

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♍️ Virgo October 2021 Life Path Reading ~ The Path of the Sacred Lover ????

Your experiences and choices always center around your human endeavors and Quantum Energy known as your Frequency or Spectral Signature. It is this Vibration that is your purpose here as an incarnated intention of the Universe and this is active in ALL your Love Relationships. What is YOUR Love Destiny? It is determined by your understanding and refinement of your Energetic Vibrational Frequency, the story told by your Astrologic Chart, and the Dance of the Planets. Your September 15 love Tarot reading describes the path you will experience in your human life and in the change of your awareness regarding your Quantum identity. Source has the intention to help you become more able to meld with yourself as a Quantum Energetic Light Being here in human form. How will you join with Source Energy to Activate YOUR Love Light Codes this month? The Choice is always yours to explore!

Decks Used:
Journey of Love Oracle
Mystical Shaman Oracle
Animal Medicine Oracle
Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Golden Rider-Waite Tarot
Triple Goddess Tarot

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