????LIFE PATH 7 – Numerology Life Path 7 Mystery Revealed????

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????LIFE PATH 7 – Numerology Life Path 7 Mystery Revealed????

Are you a life path 7 and are looking for the life path number 7 meaning?

Trust that you were guided to this video to find out about the life path number 7 meaning.

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As a life path 7 you are the reality-seeker who will accept nothing but the truth.

Until you recognize and accept that the attainment of wisdom is your very purpose for being here, you may be left confused and frustrated by the actions and attitudes of other people.

People on the Life Path 7 are seeking perfection but, in this imperfect world, you can only aspire to what is perfect for you.

Even when you have found ‘your’ perfection, you will soon discover its flaws and become dissatisfied again.

You do look for flaws!

If you cannot recognize this trait in yourself, study your own actions and needs for a while, or ask someone who knows you well.

You will soon see that you are an exacting soul whose standards are often too high for others, and even you, to maintain.

There is a ‘strangeness’ about you, which others may find unnerving, but this is a natural part of who you are.

When you try to gain acceptance by acting ‘normal’, you can alienate others because you come across as shocking, vulgar, judgmental, or just plain awkward.

Then your pride suffers, and you become very proud.

The lessons of dignity are important to you and will help you to overcome the feelings of loneliness which often overwhelm you.

When you become comfortable with your uniqueness, others realize that it is actually your uniqueness that enables you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Life path number 7 brings mystique to your personality.

You intrigue people and you like to be intrigued, too.

Puzzles excite you, mainly because you, yourself, are a puzzle, a fascinating and sometimes confusing enigma.

Unraveling the puzzle of you is all part of your journey.

You tend to live in your mind, constantly going within to find answers to a steady stream of diverse questions, always looking for the truth which could bring about the changes you visualize.

You have profound beliefs and feelings, you question authority, and make impressive and moving arguments for social and personal change.

As a life path 7 you can astound others with your unusual perspectives and insights.

You are also prone to stress and worry when matters go beyond your understanding.

It is common for you to suffer from headaches because of the sheer pressure that comes from thinking so hard, or from having to endure environments, people, or situations which go against your grain.

Your quest for answers often produces more questions.

But isn’t that the basis of higher intelligence?

Answering questions with questions until the truth is uncovered?

Just as the physical life path 5 places stress on the body, the intellectual Life Path 7 can stress the mind beyond its comfort zone.


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