????Life Path messages+advice???? | timeless pick-a-card reading

in this video, we’re asking Spirit for any messages they want to give you about your Life Path at this time, including what energy you’re being called to fill & advice on your current journey. please remember this is a ***general*** reading!! as I am reading for a larger group of people, some messages just might not hit for you. please take what messages resonate, & don’t let the rest take from you !!

much love, peace, & gratitude to all yew beautiful beings!

????please visit my website for more about me & my Path! www.womxnofearth.life????

find out whose land you’re on: https://native-land.ca/

intro music: Cloud [Prod. by Lukrembo]
meditation music: Meditative Ambience [HigherMind Royalty Free Music]

????instagram: @sunfloweringswan https://www.instagram.com/sunfloweringswan/
????tiktok: @witchyherbivore (for minute-long card readings, etc)
????spotify (for all my vibes): https://open.spotify.com/user/musingsofaswan
????email to book a personal reading: womxnofearth@gmail.com

$3.33 for a 3-card reading
$10 for a 15-minute reading
$15 for a 20-minute reading
$25 for a 30-minute reading
$40 for a 45-minute reading
$50 for a 60-minute reading

send me an email if you’d like to book a video appointment with me for a live, face-to-face reading, or if you’d prefer, I can send you a personalized, pre-recorded video with me reading on the topic(s) of your choice. i’m always eager to connect with any Souls who come my way ????

groups: 3:11

meditation: 5:07

group 1: Angel Aura Quartz 6:08
bonus musical energy: I Am Light by India.Arie

group 2: Phantom Quartz 26:27
bonus musical energy: Cure For Me by AURORA

group 3: Clear Quartz 47:05
bonus musical energy: April Come She Will by Simon & Garfunkel

????decks used:
Starseed Oracle
Wild Unknown Tarot
Wild Unknown Archetype Deck
Earth Magic Oracle

many blessings????

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