11/11 Manifestation Portal – Life Path 11 – November 11th

Nov 11th is a 11/11 Portal to manifest your reality, but there’s a trick!

Master Number 11’s will teach us that it’s important to subtract negative thoughts to manifest positive thoughts.

Everyone will have the manifestation power on November 11th to manifest with the power of 1111. The 11/11 portal is going to provide reliefs, but we need to use the law of attraction to believe in our dreams & attract abundance, healing and love with care.

Twin Flames are also receiving the calls when the 11/11 portal opens to accelerate their healing process and union. The 11/11 portal can take twin flames from separation to Twin Flame union smoothly.

Life Path Number 11’sThe master number 11 is highly susceptible to negative energies and needs to learn how to become objective as a Master Number 11 & Empath.

Life Path Number 11 Tips:

1] Master Number 11, when you feel TOO much – take an immediate walk & move the energy
2] Learn to say no, and when to stop helping others – KNOW YOUR LIMITS Empaths
3] Eat Grounding food empaths & Life Path 11’s – your spirit need to survive on earth & the spiritual realms
4] Identify your support cast Master Number 11 – You aren’t always supposed to lead alone
5] Empaths, create space for alone time – It’s important to recharge and block of “ME TIME”
6] Remember you can’t “save everyone” empaths, use you psychic power wisely.
7] Learn to forgive, but don’t forget Master Number 11’s & empaths – integrate your lessons.

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