33/6 Life Path – Find Your Niche As A Coach

Are you a life coach? Or want to start a coaching business? Having trouble nailing your niche as a coach?

If you’re having trouble nailing down your specific coaching niche, start with this video where you’ll learn how to find your unique niche as a coach based on the strengths and talents of your Life Path Number!

This video series is perfect for life coaches, small business owners and want-to-be entrepreneurs who want insight into *their unique life coaching niche* — by the inherent gifts and talents of their life path number.

*I also recommend looking at your EXPRESSION or DESTINY NUMBER to gain additional insight into two core numerology numbers that will point you in the right direction.

This video is just a very brief overview of what your niche might look like!

To gain a broader, more specific, view of your unique gifts & talents — and how to structure a business around them — I recommend the resources listed below.

** Stay tuned — more videos on finding your niche as a coach by life path number will be posted soon!


3 Life Path – Find Your Niche As A Coach video:

6 Life Path – Find Your Niche As A Coach video:
*Coming soon!

DESTINY (Expression) NUMBERS Video Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUZf6gk2C4VC4O4MGydtNx0AkHoqpj9HX


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