33/6 Life Path, Numerology Master number – 4 ways to transform your life

Are you a 33/6 life path number in numerology?

If so enjoy this video, where I include some coaching to help you on your journey.

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33/6 tend to be sensitive folk, just like myself.

They tend to have issues in expressing their truth. May be you have a speech impediment. I had a stammer until I transformed it to become a confident public speaker.

The double 3 means that you likely have a double dose of sensitivity. Hence you will have to do some inner work to transform how people effect you.

Also this 33/6 life path can involve having to do some deep self acceptance. yet as you come to accept yourself, your life’s purpose will unfold easier.

If your 33/6 life path is anything like mine, than you probably have a strong vision. You have a sense that you are here to have major impact in the world.

Overall, a tip that I didn’t cover about our numerology 33 master number is that we tend to be very connected to our creative side, or our spiritual side. This is to be listened to.

Every time I have listened to others, over my own guidance, it hasn’t worked out well.

Another tip for 33/6, if anything like me, you are here to be of service. To serve humanity in some shape or form, so start giving and sharing.

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