5 important suggestions for you in 2021 | Yearly predictions for 2021 | life path 6 in 2021

#2021 predictions for number 6
6 जन्मांक वालों के लिए 5 अति महत्त्वपूर्ण सुझाव। वर्ष 2021 में ये आपको काम-धंधे और धन-लाभ के साथ ही मानसिक शांति और खुशहाली लाने में भी अति सहायक होंगे। If you have a birth date total number 6 then these 5 important suggestions shall help you attract business, money, happiness and peace of mind in the year 2021. These predictions, suggestions & remedies are meant for persons having Sustainer number 6 or Life Path number 6 (D+D+M+M+Y+Y+Y+Y= 6). These are based on our Astro-Numerology calculation based Yearly predictions for 2021.

Mr. Nitin Gupta (founder of NumeroVastu) is accredited with some Original Research Work in the field of Numerology: the Augmnkar theory of Numbers (Omkar theory/ Om theory) , the 5-Point Comaptibility Analysis, (his very own) the Numero Grid technique and many more. He is the pioneer of Astro-Numerology and used the terms: Initiator Sustainer and Aligner numbers.
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