All About Your Life Path Number | Spiritual Basics Podcast

All About Your Life Path Number | Spiritual Basics Podcast
In numerology, your Life Path Number is like your astrological Sun Sign. It reveals traits of your inner self, potential career paths, your designated life lessons, and more. Today we start out by teaching how to properly calculate your number, then we lead you through the meanings of each. Do you have a karmic debt number, a master number, or a power number? We’ll show you how to find out, and what it means.

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03:18 Intro
05:15 Resources
07:02 How to calculate your life path number
11:46 Master numbers
12:34 Karmic debt numbers
13:33 Power numbers
14:26 Other types of numbers
15:07 Life path #1
16:26 Karmic debt #19
17:25 Life path #2
18:58 Life path #3
20:05 Life path #4
21:27 Karmic debt #13
22:19 Life path #5
23:51 Karmic debt #14
24:21 Life path #6
25:51 Life path #7
27:32 Karmic debt #16
28:57 Life path #8
30:07 Life path #9
32:58 Master number 11
35:00 Master number 22
36:00 Master number 33

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