Are 8 & 13 Lucky Numbers? | Destiny number 8 & 13 | life path number 8 & 13 | Unlucky Numbers

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Can number 8 & 13 prove Lucky Numbers or they always work as Unlucky Numbers for everyone? Whatever you call it – personality number 13 or life path number 13, its nature & attributes remains same. Discover the truth about destiny number 8 & 13 or life path number 8 & 13 in this NumeroVaastu video by Nitin Gupta while he shares the attributes of birth number 8 and life path number 13 on the basis of his own research based Augmnkar theory or Omkar theory of Numbers. The video has been clipped from the recordings of his famous Astro-Numerology workshop – the most prestigious & powerful certificate course in numerology.

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