Are You 06,15,24 Born? Number 6 NUMEROLOGY (NUMERO-VAASTU)

What is 6 number? The number 1 representing SUN says ‘I’ – here ego speaks. Venus also says ‘I’ but this ‘I’ is not about ego. It says first I will fill my stomach then think about others. Here, the first thought is about own satisfaction, self contentment. Number 6 people are very creative. All the best artists have been connected with number 6 and if you are not number 6 then you are not truly an artist. If you want to be a great artist, develop great talent, then activate the vibrations of number 6 otherwise it will not work. A 6 number person defines life beautifully. For him the definition of life is – the details- like a sculpture sculpts a statue, the 6 number people also nurture their lives in small phases. They like doing things minutely & doing it well. Mostly these people love cleanliness. They want things done properly. And 6 number people have the tendencies of demon guru- the focus is first on own fulfillment, that is most important. First I will work for myself then for you. Why should I do your work first?
What is the direction for 6 number? It is SE that means I work for myself first & opposite to this is NW which is 2 number. 2 number says my heart is not agreeing. 6 number says why do I care about your heart’s feelings. First I will think of myself, I will fill my own stomach.
In a plane they announce- before helping others, help yourself first. They are those types of persons. They are ready to help others, no issues, no problems with that but they want to be on secure ground first. Putting you out of a pit they don’t want to fall in it.
First they secure themselves, then help others. It doesn’t matter to them why should they help others. They feel it is a good thing helping others- but self first then others. So that’s why I say Venus in the present times is not bad.
First I fulfill self, then keep giving to others.
The more they beautify themselves, the more they keep their bodies clean- it is the best for them. When nails grow Venus quality starts decreasing. Not for ladies! In ladies, growing nails is adding to Venus positively. For gents, grown nails reduce Venus effect. So always keeping self neat & clean is an attribute of Venus.
6 number people should use powder, perfume, deodorants- i.e. anything from which fragrance comes- as it makes Venus prominent. Branded clothes bring out attribute of Venus else not. If you wear a copy then it is of Mercury. I-phone is of Venus. When it became cheaper, it stopped selling as it became common. Everyone was carrying it. Its Venus impact finished. SO that wow! Factor comes from Venus. It will shine brightly. A Diamond is actually a stone only but its price is it more than gold? People spend on it, on that stone because your shine then dazzles the other person.
Si of you are Venus self grooming is very important for you. If you are not grooming yourself, not upgrading yourself as per your presentation, your dressing sense as per your way of communication- as you keep enhancing yourself, Venus qualities keep on adding. If you lack Venus qualities you cannot have lots of money in your life. If you have Venus attributes, you will have money. Older times were different, when Dhirubhai Ambani started out with Rs.18 & earned crores of rupees. Today money attracts money. Invest to get money. So Venus you have to add.
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