Astro Master Number 11: Ankhcestors Metaphysics facts & meaning.

Numerology introduction

And how to add up the birthday numbers to get your three core birthday numbers.

Numbers don’t lie. It’s Accurate. And it’s who is the narrator of how the Numerology Accurate reading is told. Every Numerologist has their own style of interpreting Numbers including myself who give you more overstanding then most Numerologist. Numbers is energy that’s the vibration on different frequencies in every one and everything. We as in people see numbers everyday and all day. Numbers are everywhere. I????️ always loved numbers. Now I ????️ know why, it’s because I????️ am a Life Path number 7.

Numerology is a spiritual and a accurate way to overstand yourself, people, your personality, your gifts, your talents, your soul, your attitude, your life purpose and how you heal and win. Numbers is the vibration of energy and frequencies due to the individual souls birthday numbers. Every number carry a different vibration, frequency, color spectrums, Aura spectrums, sound wave, gifts, potentials, and vibes due to the individual birthday. Every individual have a three core number birthday code.

• The Attitude number or Sun Attitude. The Attitude number is the way we act, how we handle things and our upfront personality that everyone see or we appear to be to people. This is the first that need to me look at, to start the picture of a individual soul. Your attitude number is when you add the month number and the day you were born on together like I????️ was born on October the tenth month and the 9th day so I????️ add 10+9 together and I????️ get 19 so then I????️ add 1+9 and I????️ get 10 next I????️ add 1+0 and I????️ get one so my Attitude number is one or 1.

• The Soul number or Birthday number which is the day we were born on. The Ruling Number or Birth number is our true self or our inner self of what we need to be. And it can over rule our Attitude number. The Ruling Number has major impact on our Life Path number. The Ruling number is our main personality, our gifts, our talents and the motor of our Life Path number. The Soul Number or Birth number is the day we were born under. For example, I????️ was on born on the 9th of October so the number 9 is my Birth number, Soul number or Ruling number. Another example, If you birthday is on 15th of any month then you add 1+5 and get 6 as your birthday number. So if you are born on 23, you add 2+3 and you get 5.

• The Life Path number is the most important number because it’s our whole complete self. The Life Path number is when the whole birthday is added up like October 9th, 1977 is my birthday. So I????️ add up the my birthday like this.

???????? October is the ten month so I????️ add 10 to the day I????️ were born on…And that is the 9th. 10+9 and then I????️ add on my birth year which is 1977.
So I????️ add up my birthday like 1+0+0+9+1+9+7+7= And I????️ get 34 so I????️ add the 3 and 4 together and I????️ get 7. So my Life Path number is 7.

The Life Path number is the main source of why we are here and what’s our life purpose, goal and our reason for being here on planet Earth and our divine destiny we are here to reach to maintain our peace and higher dimensions of Great spirit or the Universal forces of one. The Life Path is our whole being or existence. The Life Path number describes everything ….our personality, gifts, talented and our life purpose.

My first numerology book reading of myself is what got me so hook on Numerology. The Accuracy of these numbers knowing me is so awesome and amazing, I????️ became my own Numerologist.
– by King Lit The Light Bringer
????????Stay tune for my next video.

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