calculate life path number: find your natural talents and purpose

Hello beings of the Multiverse!

In this video Mermaid will show you how calculate life path number: find your natural talents and purpose using numerology.

In the esoteric practices, there are many different ways, many different schools that teach you what is it that is your life purpose, your mission in this reincarnation on Earth. But today, specifically, I am going to talk about a very basic method using the numerology techniques to find out your life path number.

A life path number is a number – usually single digit – with the exception of 11 and 22, that speaks about your character. What are your talents? What are things you have come here to learn? What gifts can you share with the world?

In this video, you will learn how to find your life path number and what does it mean.

So now that you have learned how to calculate your life path number, you can go to the time that matches your life path number. I will be describing what someone with your life path number is like, what are your natural talents, your mission in life and the possible career paths for you.

Life path number descriptions:

Life path 1: 3:35
Life path 2: 5:06
Life path 3: 6:37
Life path 4: 7:51
Life path 5: 9:01
Life path 6: 10:33
Life path 7: 11:45
Life path 8: 12:39
Life path 9: 13:42
Life path Master number 11: 14:47
Life path Master number 22: 15:31

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