Current Advice for Your LIFE PATH Number # ||????Tarot Reading????

Hello everyone! This reading I channeled messages and advice for each life path number (1-9) from your guides and ancestors!

There is no sound selection or crystal selection for this reading since it’s based on your life path number but feel free to check out any other piles you are drawn to as they may contain additional messages.

***i apologize for the meditation portion of this video. I’m just realizing I didn’t add music to the mediation section. This will be back to normal next reading

As always I pray this reading brings you love ???? clarity ???? and strength ????

Calculate your life path number here:

Your Life Path Number

Meditation: @2:50
(Life Path 1) Pile 1: @4:37
(Life Path 2, 11) Pile 2: @20:58
(Life Path 3) Pile 3: @30:10
(Life Path 4, 22) Pile 4: @39:39
(Life Path 5) Pile 5: @47:41
(Life Path 6, 33) Pile 6: @59:06
(Life Path 7) Pile 7: @1:09:45
(Life Path 8) Pile 8: @1:20:45
(Life Path 9) Pile 9: @1:30:25

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