Destiny Number 22 Secrets Revealed (AKA. Expression Number 22)

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It’s time to take a look at one of the most powerful destiny numbers of all – destiny number 22. This destiny number is also sometimes referred to as ‘expression number 22’ and it possesses some extremely unique and interesting properties which we’ll be going over in this video.

Destiny 22 is considered to be a ‘master number’ and it can either be kept as a destiny number of 22 or it can be reduced down to a single digit of four. This destiny number is also considered the master builder and anyone who possesses this expression number is more likely to reach every single of their dreams should they really put their mind to it than any of the other destiny numbers. These people will usually assume great responsibility in life and will be responsible for huge changes in the world for the better.

Expression 22 people are hardworking, practical, confident, successful, powerful and independent. They have an extremely well developed sense of intuition and they are also very level headed and focused. 22’s are usually full of many big and wonderful ideas and if anybody is likely to accomplish then then it’s bound to be a 22 person.

Just about any career is possible for these people to succeed in but because they approach sensitive subjects with realism and delicacy they are especially perfect as diplomats, counsellors and CEOs.

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