Discover Life Path 22 Secrets * Life Mission, Strengths & Weaknesses, Love Compatibility – Revealed!

Learn all about the Life Path Master Number 22, and discover what the Life Path number 22 reveals for you. Learn the relevance of the Life Path number 22 and how it can help to understand the best route to happiness and fulfilment for any given “22” person.

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The Life Path number 22 is known as a “Master Number” due to the fact that it is not reduced down to a single digit result. The master numbers are not reduced to a single digit because they represent superior vibrations of the number they would be reduced down to. Therefore in the case of the 22, it represents a superior vibration of the Life Path number 4.

In this video of basic numerology, we explain the significance of the Life Path number 22 in Numerology.

We provide the overall view of the Life Path number 22 and the personality type it outlines, we provide the vibration linked to it, and we provide information regarding the 22’s life lesson and amorous compatibility. We also provide a list of positive and negative traits for Life Path number 22, as well as a list of suitable professions.

The vibration of Life Path number 22 is: Practicality.

Life Path 22 positive and negative traits:

Positive traits:

Visionary, forward thinking, dedicated, focussed, idealistic.

Negative traits:

Inflexible, workaholic, stubborn, controlling, perfectionist, bossy.

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