EXO, SuperM, Baekhyun, Kai, Ten, Master Number 22 & Sisyphus legend explained | FV mini REACTION 02

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‘legends never die, they become a part of you, every time you bleed for reaching greatness
legends never die, they’re written down in eternity, but you’ll never see the price it costs’
~ from League of Legends lyrics

Legends Never Die! I heard this song thanks to my top bias in k-pop Baekhyunee from EXO. It’s part of the soundtrack of the League of Legends game and fell for it so much that I chose it as a visual accent in the episode with the mini pie with good lucks for SuperM for the New Year 2021, which became the occasion for this episode.

In this episode, I’m sharing what I noticed in connection with the New Year pie with good lucks which we made for SuperM, and for us as a media in episode 22 (Master number 22, Master of the form in numerology 😉 of the Mini VEGGIE series. The lucks for Lee Soo Man and David Garrett turned out to be unintentional, but a wonderful symbolic addition.

FV mini REACTION and Funny Mini Cooking series are connected. FMC was brought to light first, during the Coronavirus quarantine time.
The Asian spirit as a conceptual intuition is another fondness of mine. And because I love the conjunction of extremes, I’m really fond of the western gloss as well. I love classical music and rock, for example. Mozart and Metallica mostly! And this long-lasting love was upgraded lately with some astonishing crossover achievements like David Garrett’s music and k-pop genre (EXO, NCT, SuperM oh yah! :). So we have again West and East somehow together in my preferences. And when Ralie’s Mini Cuisine was born, it naturally developed to bring some food for the soul and the mind too. Our motto “THE DAILY GRIND WITH MORE IN MIND” was truly fulfilled with the birth of this new Free VISION mini REACTION series. Not only nourishment for the body, but also for the spirit, we need 😉 So FMC and FVMR are like twin-babies bringing together the extremes of the body and spirit 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy them. Let’s be!

— Free download pdf about EXO, SuperM, NCT… (additional) booklet:

Bright Sparks in the Aura of Bulgaria

– SuperM: — SuperM – M-pYre of SUPER SYNERGY:

SuperM – M-pYre of SUPER SYNERGY

– EXO, who are making History:

EXO, who are making History

– How Ralie’s Mini Veggie Cuisine was born:

CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE – time for creative projects or how Ralie’s Minies were commenced

*The Fuchsia flower*, as our symbol, is an expression of the beauty and ethereality that we seek in the world and present as a point of view – the exotic and artistic view of the world, which inspires and spiritualise the mind…
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