Free Numerology Reading- Life Path 8

Free Numerology Reading- Life Path 8

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In this video, we go over Majad’s five core numerology numbers and his numerology pinnacles and challenges. In the case of Majad, he also has gone by a prominent nickname of “Maj” most of his life and this nickname plays an influential role in his numerology chart and so, you will see that we discuss two options for his Expression/Destiny number, his Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge number, and his Personality number because these three numbers are calculated based off of the letters in his name/s. The name that appears on your birth certificate is preferable and is the name you should use when calculating your numerology chart but if you have a very dominant nickname that has been used more than your real name then you can calculate the numbers for that nickname too.

The Life Path and the Birthday numbers are both calculated based off of his birthday. To learn how to step-by-step calculate the five core numbers in your numerology chart, check out this video here:

The numbers we discuss in this video are as follows:

Life Path Number 8
Expression/ Destiny Number 3
Expression/Destiny Number 7
Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge Number 4
Heart’s Desire/ Soul Urge Number 3
Personality Number 8
Personality Number 4
Birthday Number 2

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