How to calculate your life path number

Your life path number influences your life tremendously. It shapes your future so if you know your life path number, you control your future. Here we have a few insights into the first three life path numbers as we have limited space in the desription box. Be sure to follow the link to learn more

Number 1
The first number in numerology, just like the first sign on the zodiac, is all about action, motion, and initiative. 1 stands for independence and leadership and typically characterizes people with bright personality and limitless ambitions. The negative sides of such people are a tendency to being too bossy or boastful and hiding their insecurities behind the mask of egoism. Don’t forget that you can easily pass from being the first to being lonely!

Number 2
The number is about sensitivity, harmony, and balance. In numerology, the vibes of number 2 work as the mediator that brings together the most distant things through kindness and compassion. The number is also a symbol of intuition and psychic abilities who can easily deal with energy shifts and small emotional outbursts. On the other hand, number 2 is about sensitive people who may eventually start feeling unacknowledged or underappreciated. The task of such a person is to learn to look for the equilibrium inside, not outside.

Number 3
The number connects 2 important powers – creation and communication. People who have number 3 as their Life Path Number are usually in this or that way connected to art or literature. The things you do motivate and inspire others and those belonging to the number feel really happy when they make other people smile. At the same time, number 3 people can be moody – if they see that others don’t understand or don’t support them, they can entirely withdraw. Look for the way out in your active imagination – find a couple of important moments to reset and restore.

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