How to Calculate Your Life Path Number [BONUS: Hidden Master Number Calculation Method!]

Hey guys! Time to go back to Numerology basics. How do you calculate the Life Path Number by hand?

In this video I cover:

– The main method I use to calculate your Life Path
– Why calculating the Life Path is SOOO controversial
– And how to find out if you have a hidden master number

What number did you get???

Why the calculation methods are controversial: 1:43
Brief overview of spiritual elitism 3:28
What having a Master Number REALLY means 4:52
How to calculate your Life Path number by hand 6:09
Why I use this calculation method** 9:08

**Add each section of your birthdate down first, and then add them together to get the most accurate final result. Each section of your birthdate is its own timing cycle, so we want to honor that. 😉

Online calculator through

A written tutorial to do it by hand by Hans Decoz:…

Check out Sue Frederick – Numerologist & Career Intuitive (I think she talks about hidden master numbers in her awesome book, I See Your Dream Job! Check it out!):

TO WORK WITH ME one-on-one:

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