How to Calculate your Personal Year Number

How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number
Numerology – What is Your Personal Year

This video is in intro into Personal Years and is focused on how to calculate your Personal Year Number.

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Watch your Personal Year and also watch the video of your loved ones Personal Year; this will help you understand how better to interact with them and where their energy lies.

Understanding your Personal Year will enabe you to get the best out of the 12 months of 2020, it will help keep you focused and balanced. Some say it has helped them be in the right place at the right time. Others say it has helped them hold back where they would have rushed in and caused challenge and friction.

Everything is energy. When we work with the energy we begin to see things differently, usyally for the better.

I often look at my children’s Personal Year in order to understand their attitude, highs and lows. As a parent, I find this really helpful as I cut back on unwanted advice and know when to observe and when step in.

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Use the subtitles to help you hear and note clearly the audio

This year’s Universal Energy is 4.
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Know how to navigate the energy. Foresight is way better than hindsight.

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