Know About Life Path Number 1 – English

In this video, you will understand the importance of life path number 1 in Numerology and you will get the answer what is life path number 1? You can know more about Life Path number 1 – Hindi in my Hindi playlist. If You want to learn more about the Life Path number and how to calculate the Life path number, please visit my astrobasic website or buy my Numerology book “numerology & you”. You can also generate your FREE Numerology Report. If you are a Numerologist then you must try astrobasic Numerology software.

Life Path Number 1: A person born with Life Path number 1 is born leader. Life Path number 1 always wants the freedom of thought and action. Once you determined to do anything then you don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. Life Path number 1 people are very responsible for the person or task whom you love. Life Path number 1 people always feel they should be respected and get attention and they feel irritated if they do not see things are going in the way they wanted. For more detail watch this video.

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