Leo & Life Path Numbers | The SECRETS Of Your Zodiac Sign

The universe is ruling us, no matter if you believe in it or not. We are all part of the divine and formed by the rules of the stars and planets.
The constellation of the universe at the time of our birth is like a birthmark, which we carry within us for the rest of our lives.

The power of the universe is intertwined with the power of mathematics and therefore the numbers. Your birthdate is a string of those divine numbers, which will influence your personality, strength and weaknesses, but also give you guidance if you know how to read them and connect the wisdom of the numbers with the strength of your Zodiac sign.

Today we are talking about the Zodiac sign of Leo, which has its birth month right now, and we will explore your life path numbers in connection with this powerful sign.

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Leo is from July 23 until August 22nd. With the ruling planet of the Sun, Leo is a fire sign, making it naturally strong-willed, powerful and ambitious.

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