Libra & Life Path Numbers | The SECRETS Of Your Zodiac Sign

The next Zodiac sign on our journey through the universe is Libra.
The sign of harmony and justice

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Libra is from September 24th until October 23rd.
The ruling planet is Venus. Libra is an air sign and the birthstone is the white Opal.

Born under the Zodiac sign of Libra you are stylish and beautiful.
You prefer light colours and enjoy harmony, balance and a peaceful environment.
No other zodiac sign understands so well how to mediate between two parties or to express well-meaning criticism in a clever and gentle way. You are a born diplomat and know how to wrap your words so cleverly that nobody is offended. Creating balance is your greatest strength.
You are tolerant and tactful. Cultivated manners and etiquette are very important to you.
You naturally have an exquisite taste. Your pictorial imagination makes you a visionary artist.

On the other hand you try to avoid the unpleasant things in life.
Your need for harmony makes you look for justice and balance, but you often have to realise that the “middle way” is not always the best solution.
You have an extreme aversion to confrontation. You often give in for the sake of peace, even if you are not really behind something.
This makes you dishonest, because you try to find excuses not to do what you originally promised.
You always love to leave the back door open. Anyone expecting a clear statement from you will be surprised how resourceful you are. You always have an excuse at hand why you just haven’t been able to commit yourself yet. You also like to keep your interpersonal relationships in limbo. You know everyone, but none of them really.

Let’s see how libra’s vibrations influence your life path number..

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