Life Path No.(आपका भाग्यांक )☀️5 DETAILS????????आपका भाग्य कैसे उदय हो सकता है(What Should You Do)????⛲

आपका भाग्यांक आपके बारे में क्या कहता है- जानिए इस Video में(5 Details)
Intro: 00:23
Theme Explained: 00:40
Importance of Life Path No: 01:15
How to Calculate: 02:16
Life Path 1: 03:55
Life Path 2: 17:12
Life Path 3: 28:28
Life Path 4: 40:01
Life Path 5: 52:18
Life Path 6: 1:04:00
Life Path 7: 1:17:14
Life Path 8: 1:28:23
Life Path 9: 1:39:26
Master Numbers(11,22,33): 1:48:43

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Pick a Card//मां Green Tara का संदेश????(CARDS+NOTES)

आपका Twinflame✨9 SIGNS


PICK A CARD????☀️☀️☀️????YOUR MARRIAGE~ आपकी शादी

MONEY JAR????मां लक्ष्मी और देव कुबेर की ऊर्जा ????ATTRACT ABUNDANCE, ????

????️Pick a Card????️Maa Jagdambaकी ऊर्जा ???? Guidance for 8-9 days~


????️NEW+TRUE LOVE????Pick a card????️पहला नशा..पहला खुमार..नया प्यार है..

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????️Quotes by Naaz????️

“Open your Heart;
When you Open your Heart,
forgiveness becomes easy;
Life becomes easy”. -naaz ????

Live in the Present moment and Meditate as much as you can. This is the surest way to Open your Heart. ????

“You were so focused on light & dark ???? that you missed the Whole Sky”. -naaz ☮️
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