Life Path Number 1

Life Path Number 1

Numerology Life Path and Karmic Numbers:

Karmic number and Life Path number 1 which is pretty much the same thing karmic number is the day you were born and Life Path number is the total accumulation of your entire birthday into a single digit.

Your Ruling Star:

Represented by Sun – The king of all stars. number 1 is represented by Sun because it represents the source of life as at the beginning of everything so the beginning of numerology and its pattern starts from number 1.

In this article we’ll be covering personality, compatibility, mood, remedy and what exactly is the life path and the karmic lessons of number 1.


So path 1 personality pretty much is a leader, somebody who is able to take charge, somebody who becomes that one person that is able to excel among everybody and lead everybody. This is why number 1 people usually become general in army, managers and CEOs. Most of the cases path 1 people also are found as somebody who’s self-employed because you know they’re their own boss.

Life path number 1 people has natural leadership qualities and aura, his/her aura affects everybody. They have this natural ambiance and this natural aura about them where it just tells somebody else about your leadership role


These people can become very arrogant and bossy. Somebody who just does not like to take No for an answer or cannot stand the fact that somebody changing their pattern, that’s what path number 1 is. Pretty much it’s like personality of Leo because Sun also rules the zodiac sign of Leo.

Compatibility with other Numbers:

Life path number 1 are compatible with obviously number 1. Compatible with number 2 because 2 is represented by the moon and sun/moon are very good friends in astrology so number 1 and 2 matches up ok. And path number 7 matches up with 1 as well, so 1, 2, 7 and 5 these numbers are compatible to each other, so if your husband is 1 or your wife is 1 that matches if it’s 1 & 2 that matches, if it’s 1 & 5 that matches and if it’s 1 & 7 that matches.

Numerology Treatment & Remedies:

Through numbers you can find a significant amount of information and remember there are also remedies in numerology. For example in numerology you can also change your name spellings to create a “vibration”. This is vastly known remedy that if you change your name to the vibration of your life path or your karmic number, your life suddenly becomes better. But things doesn’t change overnight, because what happens is if you change your name let’s say at age of 30. So you have 30 years of built-up name vibration within you – by going to the court and filing paperwork etc… That vibration is not going to just disappear. There’s a method to do it however, what happens is once you change your name legally you have to write that name to a certain amount & every day. Imagine how many things you have signed in your life how many times you put in your name so you have created so much vibration out there around the world by putting your name. So what you do is to write your name in a certain ink, in certain amount of time. That’s how you’re going to bring in that name vibration as a remedy.

There are many books available to describe such remedies like what ink you would use with what number, how many times you were supposed to write it and how many days you should write your name etc… This should create a certain type of vibration that will start to bring energy in your life.