Life Path Number 1

 If you’re on a life path number 1 journey, your what I’d call the leader. Your primary purpose is to develop your sense of creativity and confidence in whatever you do, and because what we’re here to do is always the hardest thing for us to do.

You’ll experience, consistent challenges in these two arenas. In your life, the one life path is all about number one. You’re innately competitive and you actually thrive in a competitive environment.

The primary thing you need to understand is that you’re here to follow your unique voice. I use the saying, even though it might be a little bit of a cliche, that you’re, the one who needs to march to the beat of a different drummer.

You Are Creative

You have innovative and creative ideas that need to be manifested into the world, and you are the only one who can do it.

Your highest and best use is when you clarify your unique idea, get the resources and support team around you that can manifest your vision, set it up, delegate the details communicate clearly effectively and with you know some good humor and passion.

And then let it get up And running, then, you can move on to the next project or if this idea is your ultimate passion, you can then focus on taking it to the next level.

life path number 1

Steve Jobs Was A Number 1

All I’m saying is that you might get a little bored doing the same thing. All the time, Steve Jobs was a one life path. I’ll use him as an example. He’s, it’s. Really. An overarching observation about me.

Jobs is that he was a brilliant innovator and also had many struggles in what he did.

And while I didn’t know him personally, people say that he could be as somewhat difficult and demanding guy right, and yet he certainly embodied many of the qualities that go with the one life path with that said, as a one life path understand that you will be knocked down a lot and I meet a lot.

You can feel it’s, not fair, and that you’re, really getting kicked around by the school of hard knocks because let’s face it. You are, and yet here’s, the key to your Castle. This is just how it is for you face it, get a grip on it.

Invite it in understand that this is what needs to happen in order for you to gain the knowledge, skill level, commitment, fortitude and tenacity to act on those unique ideas of yours, because if everyone could do it, what would be the point it’s, Like you’re, say training to be a professional boxer.

You know that you’re, going to experience more actual down and dirty pain than say someone training to be a professional chef. One isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other, and yet the expectations for training are diametrically different right.

life path number 1

You Dare To Dream

You’re, the boxer. Sometimes you’re, the one who’s ahead of your time. Sometimes you’re. The one people laugh out of the room because of your preposterous ideas, and sometimes you’re, the one who gets beaten down so early in life and so often that you don’t dare to dream.

You dream and blaze your trail, so you might be the silent one who ends up sitting in the back of the room. The thing about the life path is this: many people are pulled into the entirely opposite direction than what their life’s purpose indicates for them.

I call it the flip side of your life path and then we can cue the Darth Vader heavy breathing because it’s like selling your soul to the darkside. It may seem like the easiest route at the time, and yet it never is because your results will always be unhappiness, ill, health and feelings of despair.

Basically, that you’re, not doing what you are meant to be doing, whatever the heck. That might actually be so.

Some of the key words for the life path number 1 include yet aren’t limited to independence, originality, self motivation, high achievement, super creative competitive action-oriented now for the issues and stumbling blocks along the way.

I know you’ve been dying to hear this part, since you’re all about developing creativity and confidence in your life, you’ll experience, some fear and paralysis around these very issues.

A one life path, often struggles with severe lack of self confidence and blocked creativity.

So, while a one life path number may appear all calm, cool and collected on the outside on the inside, they have a constant negative running on long play in their head, and this tape is incessantly poking you and telling you stuff like.

life path number 1

You Are Continually Being Challenged Internally

Who do you think you’re, not good enough? Why do you think you deserved that? What a stupid idea you’ve never been able to do that before. Why do you think you can do it now?

Does any of that sound familiar so as a One Life Path, you must learn to rip that tape out of the tape, deck or delete it from your internal iPod once and for all it’s, never telling you the truth.

It’s literally, like that little devil that sits on your shoulder. Have you ever seen those in the movies it’s? It’s like that always whispering lies and propaganda into your head. So what’s? The solution you need to get a handle around the idea that your failures are not failures.

There’s, simply experiments and data. For the next thing. There’s, a lot written currently about how to shift your thinking about failure, so check out some of the Goodreads provided in the downloadable resource section to learn more about this.

Just getting a handle around this idea will be great for you, and, while all of us can benefit from rethinking what failure means to us for you as a one life path, it’s, imperative that you truly grasp that you’re.

Going to need to take a hit, fall down brush yourself off, learn the lesson of the error, then reconfigure. What’s next, with a pretty consistent amount of confidence?

Certainly Steve Jobs could have given up on Apple when the company was struggling in almost out of business.

life path number 1

Apple Was On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

I remember when they were on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. Oh, but wait enter the innovation that changed the industry.

First, it was the iMac I don’t know, if any of you remember that, but then it was the iPod and what a risk we can all look at it now with envy and with admiration, and yet when it was happening.

You know that it was a monumental leap of faith that there and and really there was a heap of money at stake, and there were no guarantees so next up for the one life path, Darkside – and these include addictions – the one life path – has a tendency for addictions, whether it’s, food sex, drugs, alcohol, negative thoughts or any other addictive activity.

So simply be aware of this tendency and be aware of your own personal red flags and where the life for you, you’re a thinker and it’s hard to turn your brain off.

So choose other ways to get out of your head, like exercise or art, music dance, because alcohol is often one of your favorites.

For slowing down your mind,understand that you don’t have to be a teetotaler just be aware of it and consider moderation. When you’re, confident and your creative self, you can potentially become the most aggressive, cynical judgmental person around sorry.

It’s true, rather than keying into those expansive ideas. You’re here to create and act upon you, you can put a lid on it and then really watch out the steam has to escape somehow and that’s when you lash out at others.

The life path number 1 can be a consummate narcissist, you’re, all about number one, and so sometimes this can work to your detriment. And since you are here to lead, you need followers.

Just make sure that you’re, leading yourself and others somewhere that you really want to go.

One of your obstacles is that you often choose a partner who’s more of a follower who’s required to be in more of a support role to you, and then you wonder why it’s, not working.

You Require Stimulation From Your Partner

You really need an equal for a partner both in business and in romance.

Also, oddly enough, you can become quite needy and somewhat codependent in relationships when you’re, not feeling your confident self, so heads up on that.

Ultimately, you may start out lacking the confidence to tap into and act upon your creativity.

Some of the key concepts for your flipside list include self-absorbed, cynical, critical, aggressive, overly competitive, addictive, isolated.

Angry know that you’re here to make your mark in the world you’re, a creative force field, who needs focus, clarity and implementation in order to feel the most purposeful.

The energy of the number one needs to find a tangible outlet of expression and then a release. This is really important. If you aren’t able to release all that energy, it turns inward and wrecks havoc on you.

Your true gift to yourself and to the world lies in your gaining a strong sense of confidence and acting upon and implementing your inspired and original ideas.

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