Life Path Number 11 – Meaning of the Master Number 11 in Numerology (2021)

Life Path Number 11 – Meaning of the Master Number 11 in Numerology (2021)
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Life Path 11 in Numerology
In the spiritual meaning of numbers, 11 is considered a master number. The dynamic that flows from the 2/1/1 trinity is an explosion of potentialities.

The number 11 is linked to intuition and spiritual wisdom. The personality of 11 is guided by an interior path towards a quasi-mystical vibratory life. Unlike some particularly empathetic numbers, the 11’s journey is not lonely and introverted. Those who pursue Life Path number 11 are naturally charismatic to the point of leaving an indelible mark on those who frequent them on a daily basis, positively but also negatively. Life Path 11: Disconcerting aptitudes … Master number 11 is a human seismograph. It is capable of picking up and interpreting small vibrations.

This can be particularly disconcerting for people not used to spiritual flashes. The walls do not speak, but the 11 hear them! Indeed, throughout his incarnation, the master number must show prudence and measure in the use of this gift at the risk of frightening those around him. Information gathering should not justify dissemination and exchange.

Both idealistic and pragmatic, visionary and Cartesian, ambitious but realistic, the 11 has an extraordinary personality that adapts to the context. He is able to multiply the centers of interest without being dispersed. His curiosity drives him to discover many areas, whether on a professional or personal level. The 11 is also that of the strength of God. During their lifetime, whoever has it is said to reveal a message to mankind. If it neglects its metaphysical goals to set out in the exclusive quest for earthly goals, Life Path 11 will most likely experience disappointment and existential crisis.

When the numbers 1 and 2 are absent, the Life Path number 11 becomes more complicated. It will be the same if the person concerned has 2, 3, or 7 for expression number. Numerology 11: A huge personal potential that can crumble. The 11 is often considered as a synergistic being that groups two numbers 1. The fact that the sum of the numbers that make up his life path leads to the 2 gives him a softer touch with a compassionate attitude, intuitiveness, and a certain empathy.

People who pursue Life Path number 11 must set firm goals (metaphysical or earthly) and focus to ensure their achievement. The Life Path 11 has great personal potential which, however, tends to crumble when it is not channeled.

Master number 11 is that of gifted souls, preachers, mediums, and prophets. Fate plays a complicated role in the life of the one who pursues life path number 11. The latter is often described as eccentric, no doubt because he lives outside the conventions.

It’s not always easy to accept 11’s logic: you can’t help but wonder what’s going on behind the mask. They become timid and unwilling to fight the war of their lives if he allows depression and anxiety to take control of their lives. On the other hand, the 11 uses his gifts wisely, his aura becomes irresistible.

The professional opportunities of number 11 Whatever his vocation or his centers of interest, he who pursues the path of life number 11 is never completely far from spirituality.
Philosophical and theological vocations, spiritual careers, clairvoyance, Christian music, sermons, and so on are all areas in which they excel. Everything an 11 does must reflect its ethics and core values ​​at the risk of sinking into sadness and existential crisis.

Several years may pass before the 11th arrives at the perfect combination of metaphysical and earthly. When this occurs, however, their vibrational power can no longer be disrupted.

Metaphysical associations of the life path number 11 Healing Crystals: Cinnabar, Honey Calcite, Tiger’s Eye; Astrological sign: Uranus; Zodiac sign: Libra; Number 11 in the Tarot: master number 11 is associated with the card of Justice in the Major Arcana.

The 11 depicts a crowned man on a throne with a ladder and a sword in the Tarot de Marseille. This powerful picture represents the highest levels of ethics, morals, and loyalty.

There is also an underlying sense of the natural order of the world which, when disrupted, leads to dire consequences. The 11 must follow order, law, and universal patterns to achieve its life goal.

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