Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number 2

Numerology Life Path and Karmic Numbers:

Karmic number and Life Path number which is pretty much the same thing karmic number is the day you were born and Life Path number is the total accumulation of your entire birthday into a single digit so if you’re born on the 2nd or 11th or 20th or 29th of any month you’re pretty much a number two and if your birthday if you add them all up and if they come out to number two then you’re a life path 2.

Your Ruling Star:

Life path number 2 in numerology is represented by the planet moon now I’m saying planet moon because obviously in astrology & numerology they’re considered planet and this is where you will find the correlations between astrology & numerology because just like astrology, numerology as well is represented by planets so each planet controls a life path number.


Number 2s are pretty much the mothers they are the nurturers, they are the caretakers and they’re the caregivers. They are very emotional so like in astrology Moon controls the zodiac sign of Cancer similarly in numerology it controls number 2 people, so this is why moon people are very sensual and shy, however, these people can also be moody because just like Moon and Venus number 2 people also go up and down in their emotions so this is why you know how Cancer comes up really hard.

Number 2 people pretty much make good nurses, they make good doctors, they make good bread and breakfast type of people who are there to care for you.


These people makes good caregivers, however, since number 2 people are very emotional so they are very much of those who wear their heart on the sleeve they’re very creative this way so a lot of good actors who have done like emotional movies, dramatic movies, dramatic roles people who are romance writers are usually number 2.

Compatibility with other Numbers:

Number 2 people are compatible with number 1 because it’s represented by its friend Sun but just because a planet is friends in astrology doesn’t mean that it’s going to work in a numerology the same way, so number 2 people do not really get along with path number 3 people which is ruled by Jupiter, however, number 2 is really really compatible with one number 4 and 8. So 2, 4 and 8 are compatible with each other but number 2 is also very compatible with number 1 in numerology so this is the compatibility-ness of numerology.

Numerology Treatment & Remedies:

In numerology you might have also heard that due to the name change energy you can increase or decrease or lock in numerology. There’s a remedy known as the Name Energy so if your name is not matching up with your life path you can actually change your name vibration and bring that vibration into balance with your life path or your karmic number. The problem with that is if you change your number at the age of 30 then you have 30 years of past history built up of that original name. You can’t just go to the court and get rid of that energy in one day, however, what you have to do there’s a remedy in numerology where you have to write your name certain times for certain period of days in a certain color of ink to get that vibration going.

There are many books available to describe such remedies like what ink you would use with what number, how many times you were supposed to write it and how many days you should write your name etc… This should create a certain type of vibration that will start to bring energy in your life.