Life Path Number 4

If you’re on a life path number 4, you’re what I’d call the teacher. Your primary purpose is to develop your sense of process, stability and security in whatever you do, and because what we’re here to do is never the easiest thing for us to do.

You’ll experience, consistent challenges in these areas of your life. You’re ultimately, the slow and steady wins the race person, even though it often takes years of experience and trial and error to embrace this concept, especially when you’re younger.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Often you’d love to skip steps and get to the juicy part without having to do much work to get there. Yet that is the anti for behavior. That is there to teach you how to slowly and methodically work towards your goals and let’s.

Put it this way, you’re, most likely, not the one who’s, going to win the lottery or win that big contest. Sorry, it’s, just kind of not set up that way for you and if you were to win the lottery or the contest, you’d, be challenged to be wise and frugal with your winnings and not end up like most lottery.

Winners, bankrupt unhappy and wishing they’d, never won the money in the first place. The life path number 4, demands that you don’t skip steps, and, if you do, you’ll be required to go back and repeat the proper steps in order to land where you want to land.

Life Path Number 4

You Are Systematic

One of your gifts is that you’re, a systems person, you’re, a master builder of systems, and this is truly a gift. You have to give the world you’re, the one who everyone will say as they plunk down heaping files on your desk.

Oh, she’ll, do it she can make order out of chaos, and you can and the funny thing about you and chaos as a Life Path number 4. Nothing scares you more than disorder and chaos.

You need to feel a strong sense of control in your life, and so you demand a certain sense of order.

Chaos gives you ulcers, you like to know what the rules are. What’s expected of you? The last thing you ever want to do is appear stupid or unprepared.

So let me ask you this: is your house clean and in order, if it’s, not you’re, not in your game as a for life path, you need to have an orderly environment in order to relax and to feel safe.

Life Path Number 4

You Were Meant To Be A Teacher

You have yet another amazing gift, and that you soak in information like a proverbial sponge. You’re meant to be a purveyor of knowledge in whatever way that might manifest for you. You might actually be a teacher.

A professor or a trainer, even if you’re, not officially a teacher, you will teach in other ways by being the president of the Humane Society by leading the book club or any number of other positions that require some smarts and organizational ability.

And speaking of the Humane Society, I’ve really observed that many life path number 4 are passionate animal lovers. You also have a creative streak, and yet you excel in creative endeavors that require a sense of control and technique.

Life Path Number 4

You Have A Creative Streak

You like playing a musical instrument, throwing pottery, photography, drafting or calligraphy something of that nature, because at the end of the day, the true spirit of the four Life path is to achieve your goals through concerted effort employing stable and repeatable processes, while teaching others along the way.

The number four is the number of hard work you don’t shy away from working hard and getting it done. The thing about the life path is this: many people are pulled into the entirely opposite direction than what their life’s purpose indicates for them.

I call it the flip side of your life path and we can begin to cue, the Darth Vader heavy breathing here, because it’s really like selling your soul to the darkside.

It may seem like the easiest route at the time, yet it never is because your results will always be unhappiness, ill-health and feelings of despair that you’re, just not doing what you were meant to be doing, whatever the heck that might actually be.

And so some of the key concepts for the four Life Path,aren’t limited to knowledge seeking, hard-working, the master of builder systems,slow and steady, reliable rule, follower, honesty, stability, process security.

Life Path Number 4

Did You Have A Traumatic Childhood?

Now for the issues and stumbling blocks along the way – and I you’ve – been dying to hear this part. So one of the things you really have to come to terms with as a for life path is that you’re here.

To work out some emotional family wounds, I realize that everyone has some kind of issues surrounding their family and childhood, and yet for you, this really is a central task for your life.

So this means that you’ll have childhood experiences that might be rather traumatic, often, and yet, not always. A four Life Path will have experiences with abandonment, with an absent or addicted parent death in the family.

Or all kinds of other things that can cause drama, trauma and deep emotional wounds, and I’ve, also known for life paths who have had what Might be perceived as entitled upbringing’s.

And yet, ultimately, some of the fears and issues they have, stem from certain interactions they had when they were children, perhaps treatment by peers, school, intense issues with siblings or various other things that form a challenging emotional pattern.

Life Path Number 4

You Create Your Own Family

Understand that, coming to terms and healing the issues surrounding these experiences, however, it is you do that is a big part of your life’s purpose a four life path.

Often times makes a really caring and emotionally available parent. So in that way, you really are able to heal your own early emotional issues by being the parent and creating this family that you wish you’d had.

Or at least feeling as though you’re, able to make some corrections with your own family that you create. If you decide not to have your own family, chances are you’ll work this out in other ways with your pets,friends, colleagues and even with your family of origin.

So another tendency you can have is to become rather rigid and stubborn in your thinking and communication, this rigidity can also extend to your physical experience.

I find that many four life paths have lower back problems and aren’t as physically flexible as they’d like to be. So practice physical flexibility,like yoga or a pilates class.

Life Path Number 4

You Crave Financial Security

All you want and need is financial security, and now the funny thing about this is that you’ll, often shy away from feeling worthy of earning a lot of money.

And yet you’re the one who needs to have some money in the bank, in your savings account just to feel safe. You want predictable finances in order to feel secure.

You feel crappy and unfulfilled, and and yet you won’t take that leap of faith and pursue something that feels slightly risky. So you stay put and risk is something you feel innately rather uncomfortable with.

Life Path Number 4

You Can Be Stubborn

For your flip side list, might include stubbornness, inflexible, rigid, know-it-all lost in drudgery, family wounds, tendency to repeat mistakes. Ultimately, you can lack stability,security and cast aside the need for process.

You know that you’re here to work with creating and achieving your goals through stable processes using step-by-step systems.

You’re, a person who thrives when you can build a stable and secure life for yourself. The energy of the number four is all about hard work, setting, strong foundations and endurance.

Your true gift to yourself and to the world lies in your coming to terms with old family issues, working steadily and diligently toward clear goals and using your vast knowledge to teach others.


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