Life Path Number 4

Life Path Number 4

Numerology Life Path and Karmic Numbers:

Karmic Number and Life Path number goes side by side because their meaning is pretty much the same whether you’re a Karmic number 4 or Life Path number 4. Life Path is pretty much the accumulation of your entire birthday into one single digit unless it’s a master number like 11, 22, 23, 44. Or if it’s your birthday, so if you’re born on the 4th, 13th and the 22nd of any month you’re number four karmic.

Your Ruling Star:

Number 4 people are ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is start of worldly desire, success and goal getters.


Number 4 is actually part of a one group which is a group of material wealth, these people are goal setters and goal getters. Life path 4 people are the most stable however, Uranus represents worldly desires, it represents the things you want to achieve – the material wealth. Even though number 4 is represented by this worldly desired planet, but these people are a lot more stable. They like to be calculated in their moves, they like to have a proper plan and a direction in their life. This is why they’re probably one of the more organized people and they love to be working with a partner. These people loves to share responsibility.

Down to earth – Number 4 people wants to be that quiet person, they doesn’t like to be in front of media. They do not advertise their wealth or success, however, they want money and that’s what number 4s are. They love taking charge but they love to be one of those hidden millionaires and billionaires.


Number 4 people makes good supervisors, good HR managers etc… Because they like to organize things and see how things are working in the company. Though number 4 people can do anything they want in their life, but mainly their job is to become a supervisor or manager. They do very well in the managerial positions in their life.


Down to earth, humble and Joyful.

Compatibility with other Numbers:

Number 4 people are actually compatible with number 2, 4 and 8. 2, 4 & 8 get along very well with one another, however, number 4 people also gets along with number 7 and number 1.

Numerology Treatment & Remedies:

In numerology there is something called “remedy”. Most vastly known remedy is the name change so let’s say if your karmic number or life path and your name number is not matching then usually a numerologist will tell to change your name to bring matching vibration. Then you’ll start getting better luck in your life. But that really doesn’t work this way and I have seen people in my own life who have changed it and nothing really happened. The reason for that is they’re not using the right method of this name change process. For example if you’re 30 years old and you change your name today then you have 30 years of old vibration left in your life. So there’s a method – that for certain days you have to write your name and for every day you have to write in certain times with certain color of ink. This is very important that’s what really going to bring up your new vibration matching to your old vibration and it’s going to exceed.

There are many books available to describe such remedies like what ink you would use with what number, how many times you were supposed to write it and how many days you should write your name etc… This should create a certain type of vibration that will start to bring energy in your life.