Life Path Number 5

If you’re on a life path number 5, you’re what I’d, call the freedom seeker. Your primary purpose is to develop your unyielding sense of freedom through self-discipline throughout your life and because what we’re here to do is never the easiest thing for us to do.

You’ll experience consistent challenges in these arenas,so you live without a filter because, in my experience, the five life path lives.

What I call an ADHD experience, there is so much coming at you all the time that you find it difficult and sometimes impossible to filter through it and to prioritize your mission is all about fully immersing yourself in the sensual side of life.

You are here to experience the physical world in every way possible and you’re, a very tactile person. You love to touch things and taste it and smell it. You’re here, to have a really hands-on tactile experience throughout your life and it sounds like fun doesn’t it.

You Are The Life Of The Party

And it certainly can be fun and it’s afoot and adventurous Joyride, because you are the life of the party. You’re, often funny vivacious, you’re, definitely full of life, and one of your primary purposes is to develop a sense of fearlessness and adventure, and you love movement and travel.

You adore mystery. You make a superb salesperson as long as you’re selling, something you believe in, because you can really tap into people and their wants and needs. You are an agent of change.

You’re fiercely independent and your mantra is – and this is really important – don’t fence me in you need your space and freedom so oftentimes it’s, really not the best idea for you to commit to a marriage.

life path number 5

You Need The Next High

Early in your life, because it probably won’t go the distance. You’re too busy looking for the next high or the next big experience, the the biggest scape and the grass is often greener in somebody else’s bedroom, if you know what I mean.

So as you travel through life, you’ll burn off some fuel and when you’re ready to settle down, you make a loyal and loving partner. You just have to be clear, about your need for personal space.

You have personal control over your independence is imperative for you at the end of the day, the true spirit of the five life path is to live a fearless and adventurous life That is guided by self-discipline.

You’re meant to show others how to live their own lives fearlessly. The thing about the life path is this: many people are pulled into the entirely opposite direction than what their life’s purpose indicates for them.

I call it the flip side of your life path number 5 and we can begin to cue, the Darth Vader heavy breathing here, because it really is like selling your soul to the darkside.

It may seem like the easiest route at the time, yet it never is because your results will always be unhappiness, ill-health and feelings of despair that you’re, just not doing what you were meant to be doing, whatever the heck that might actually be.

life path number 5

You Are A Adventurer

So some of the key concepts for the five life path are fun: fearlessness, adventure, sensual exploration, high energy living without a filter, change, travel, life-of-the-party, extremely versatile.

Now for the issues and stumbling blocks along the way, I know you’ve been dying to hear this part.

Remember the concept that you’ll, always experience challenges in the key areas that your life path number brings to you. For you, these areas are freedom and self-discipline.

So as a five life path, you might find that you have to work through a ton of fear to get out and come out.

Okay on the other side, you might be the anti adventurer. You might have all kinds of fearful thoughts that guide your life and push you farther and farther away from your true purpose.

life path number 5

You Want To Experience Everything

And given that you want to experience everything – and I mean everything – you will be challenged with shunning, routine or cultivating any sort of self-discipline.

That would get you where you want to go more effectively, and this can pertain to anything from exercise and diet to holding a job, maintaining a marriage or even finishing school. You can have a tendency to abandon things before you even get started.

I’ve, known folks, working the five life path who literally shut down their adventurous fearless side and become dissatisfied homebodies or disgruntled employees.

The point being when you’re, a five life path and you aren’t getting out there on a regular basis.

You are not being you so given your innate desire for independence, you can also make dramatic swings between wanting total independence.

life path number 5

As in I’ll do whatever I want whenever I want to and total dependence as in I can’t, do anything without you and I need you to survive.

So your pendulum kind of swings back and forth, and back and forth. So if you’re, not living, you’re fearless and adventurous life for real. You’ll tend to stir up drama. Wherever you go, you can be the consummate drama, king or queen.

Until you’re living up to your own freedom seeking standards, I found that sometimes a five life path will end up surrounding themselves with people or circumstances or experiences that severely restrict their freedom.

Anything from a smothering spouse and enabling parent to actual incarceration And other health issues that diminish their physical freedom.

Addictions Follow You

So, given that you’re easily seduced by a desire to escape,you tend toward troubles with addictions, whether that’s Drugs, alcohol, sex food gambling over travel.

Anything that keys into your next high or the release of these pent-up energies is something you have a tendency to indulge in.

The interesting part of the flipside to the energy of of the number five is that, while you can feel as though you’re, a victim of many things in your life, actually you’re volunteering. For that position.

It really is a matter of seeing your challenges as points of your attraction and then walking through those rings of fire and becoming that fearless warrior. You came here to be – and I know a lot of five life paths who are gay.

Issues of five Life Path might find themselves challenged to surmount in their lifetimes. I can’t think of a more intense challenge to your sense of personal freedom than being someone who finds yourself in a world in which your very being is viewed to be unacceptable by many people in society and look at Ellen Ellen DeGeneres.

Her coming out has not been easy, not at all, and yet I can see that she’s, embraced her life purpose as a five life path and has developed the self-discipline it takes to get there. I love that the theme song for her show includes the tagline.

Let’s have a little fun today, because nothing expresses the five Life Path better than that. Some of the key concepts for your flipside list include easily bored abandons before starting addictions.

life path number 5

Fearful paranoid lacking focus, lacking self-discipline, excess indulgence, self-centeredness drama queen or king.

Ultimately, you might not look or feel free, adventurous, fun-loving or disciplined know that you’re here to work with developing your life based in freedom and adventure, while achieving your goals through a refined sense of self-discipline.

You’re, a person who thrives when you use your vivacious energy to expand and act upon your sense of personal freedom.

Your true gift to yourself and to the world lies in your ability to moderate your energies, engage in life with curiosity and fearlessness and to show others through your example.

How to conquer fear in their own lives.

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