Life Path Number 7

Life Path Number 7

Numerology Life Path and Karmic Numbers:

Life path and karmic number are pretty much same. Karmic Number is the day you were born and Life Path is the accumulation of your entire birthday so if you’re born on the 7th 16th or 25th of any month you are Karmic Number 7. However, Life path is just the accumulation of your entire birthday into a single digit which comes down to 7 unless it’s a master number like 11, 22, 33 or 44.

Your Ruling Star:

Number 7 is ruled by South North K2 and planet Neptune and these are very spiritual planets. Number 7 also called by moon.


Number 7 represents isolation and that’s too by choice. 7 people love to be alone if you can leave them alone they’re going to be in heaven. Being inverted towards themselves they make some of the best writers, because writing requires alone time and this is why number 7 people is also very much of the observer of life. 7 is not a social person they have very few friends and maybe one or two max. They doesn’t really like being social they want to observe line and that’s their pleasure and passion. When it comes to love they’re very committed but you got to give them their space. So when number 7 people says “I need my space” just don’t take it as personally because they like being alone and being isolated.


Number 7 people cannot work under somebody, they will always run into authoritative issues. This is why these people makes best self-employed person. Usual destiny of number 7 is to become a writer, to become a performer, to become a director. They’re emotional in love so they make best romantic writers.


Quiet, serious, detailed observer.

Compatibility with other Numbers:

Number 7 people are compatible with number 1 2, 4 and 5. However, number 7 is not a good match against his own number 7 because it’ll be two people who do not want to be together so 7 and 7 just not a good match.

Numerology Treatment & Remedies:

There are also remedies in numerology, let’s say if your life path or karmic number is not matching with your name vibration then a numerologist will suggest to change your name’s spelling or whole name.

But changing name will not bring good luck to you over night, because let’s say you change your name at the age of 30 and you have that 30 years of old name vibration built up. You have to get rid of that 30 years of buildup of old vibration and to do so there’s a procedure where you have to write your name a certain amount of day, certain times in a day, certain days with a certain color of ink.

There are many books available to describe such remedies like what ink you would use with what number, how many times you were supposed to write it and how many days you should write your name etc… This should create a certain type of vibration that will start to bring energy in your life.