Life Path Number 9

Life Path Number 9

Numerology Life Path and Karmic Numbers:

Karmic Numbers pretty much the day you were born, so if you’re born on 19th 18th or 27th of any month then you are karmic number. Life path is pretty much the accumulation of your entire birthday into one single digit 9 unless it’s a master number like 11, 22, 33 or 44.

Your Ruling Star:

Number 9 is controlled by planet Mars. Mars in astrology signifies anger and fighting ability of a tough soldier. However, in numerology number 9 represents caring for humanity.


Number 9 is a person who is very compassionate about people, who is very compassionate about bringing peace to this world, who is very much in tune with people’s emotions. Number 9 is all about taking care of people who’s just out there wanting to give all the love and care to the world. And this is why number 9 makes some of the best hostess, best nurses and best doctors that’s why number 9 is more related to the medical field. Number 9 people also have a very strong will, because it’s ruled by Mars they’re able to start a task and they finish it no matter condition are. Other side of number 9 may surprise you, these guys also make the best actors they make the best entertainers and best kind action hero. Number 9 doesn’t really care about being a leading position they just want to complete a task and they want everybody to be happy.


Number 9 make the best nurses, best doctors, best psychologists but also great hotel managers because hotel is about hospitality so these are the basic careers for 9s.


Loving, caring, goal getters

Compatibility with other Numbers:

9 people are compatible with number 3, 6 and 9 itself.

Numerology Treatment & Remedies:

You might have heard about vastly known numerology remedy – called Name Change. If your life pattern & karmic number is not matching with your name vibration then numerologist may ask you to change/modify your name.

But changing name doesn’t going to work right away, because lets say you change your name at age of 40 then you will have old name vibration of 40 years. So in order to overcome that you have to follow a specific pattern. That is, after you change/modify your name officially, you have to write it for certain number of times at certain number of days with certain ink color. This will it will bring new name vibration in your life.

There are many books available to describe such remedies like what ink you would use with what number, how many times you were supposed to write it and how many days you should write your name etc… This should create a certain type of vibration that will start to bring energy in your life.