Life Path Number Calculator * How to Calculate Your Life path Number Step by Step.

Learn how to easily calculate the Life Path number from any birth date. This video explains step by step, exactly how it’s done. Just add all the numerals up until you are left with one. It’s easy when you know how. This video shows you how to calculate the Life Path number for yourself or for any other person, by using a specific example.

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See our other video: “Life Path Number EXPLAINED” to find out in great detail exactly what each Life Path number means:

Numerology Explained aims to inform you in an impartial way about Numerology in all its facets. Discover the wonder of the world of Numerology in all its details.

Numerology is the ancient study of numbers and how they can be used to interpret the universe around us, evaluate how we relate to it, and to reveal our personal destinies. Numerology is how we interpret cosmic math, and how it can be used to comprehend all elements of our personal existence. Our love life, career, business, home life, health, relationships, spirituality, and personality can all be mathematically illustrated and understood.

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