Marriage Compatibility Test

Marriage Compatibility Test

Marriage is an institution that is as old as humanity itself, the coming together of two people to form a family is however not as easy as it sounds.

Marriage compatibility test is necessary, as in developed countries divorce rates are reaching an all-time high perhaps due to incompatibility issues. Numerology seeks to remedy this by providing you with a guide that you can use to pick someone that you are compatible with. In the long run numerology is a form of divination that provides you with information regarding your behavior in relation to other people.

To find out who you are most compatible with in marriage the first thing you’ll want to do is find your life path number which you can do by visiting finding life paths calm where you’ll be able to enter your date of birth and then quickly and easily calculate your life path number. This is a special number which can reveal aspects of your personality that will remain unchanged for the better part of your life. Once you’ve gotten your life path number, here’s a brief rundown of who you would be most compatible with in marriage.

Marriage Compatibility Test with following:

Number 1:

You are disciplined and strong and you were attracted to positions of power you are also very original and a visionary making you more likely to be successful in the business world a good match for you would be someone with a lifepath number of 3, 2 & 9.

Number 2:

You are artistic romantic and graceful you love beautiful surroundings and you tend to be diplomatic due to your dual worldview you would be best suited to a 1, 3 or 2.

Number 3:

You are friendly a hard worker and spiritual you are also very disciplined your best married matches are 1, 9 & 2.

Number 4:

You are Security loving dependable and faithful your best marriage matches are 5, 7 & 8.

Number 5:

You are attracted to anything that would help you build up your intellect as well as provide you with a sense of your best matches are 1, 6 and 4.

Number 6:

You are romantic and very convincing you take time to get to know people but you can be very loving and nurturing your best matches are 4, 8 and 5.

Number 7:

You are very private intellectual moody and mystical you are drawn to solitude and aren’t the type to get into social situations your best marriage matches are won 9 and 2.

Number 8:

You are driven ambitious and love status your best marriage magic are 2 and 1.

Number 9:

You are compassionate loving and empathetic you seek out partners who will provide you with some kind of stability so your best marriage matches would be 1, 5 & 4.