MASTER NUMBERS 11, 22, & 33 Numerology tarot reading | | How your person is viewing you

This is something new I am bringing to my channel. I am incorporating numerology into my tarot reads. These readings will be once a month. If you want to know your life path number just add the digits in your date of birth and simply the end result! FYI: if you end up with 11,22,or 33, you have a Master number as your life path number. Feel free to google and learn a bit more of your life path number. You can also google “life path number calculator” in case you want to verify your life path number. This reading may not resonate with you or your person but please feel free to switch the role of the cards if you feel you have more in common with your person’s cards verses yours. I am a life path number 6 if you are wondering. Thank you for subscribing and drop a comment to show that you enjoyed this video! Don’t forget to share

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