Master Numbers explained intuitively with Numerology & Tarot – What do they want to show/teach you?

How can you benefit the most working with Master Numbers? Maybe you’ve been seeing repeating numbers, signs and synchronicities and you wonder what they want to tell you. Or you can ask yourself, for example, the following questions:
– Which number is my greatest challenge?
– Which number is connected with my soul’s purpose?
– Which number holds the solution for ……… issue?
– Which number is my blind spot?

Allow the answer to come to you intuitively and then simply watch the information provided for this number. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. You can always come back to this video if other numbers start to become more prominent as you are growing and learning.

Time Stamps:
#11 – 5:11
#22 – 22:37
#33 – 36:24
#44 – 54:32
#55 – 1:10:47
#66 – 1:26:34
#77 – 1:44:52
#88 – 2:00:07
#99 – 2:16:36
#00 – 2:29:16

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