Numerology #7, 16, 25, 34 traits, psychic gifts, careers, health & sex

???????? Everything you need to know about birth numbers is in my playlist on this channel so check them out and study wisely to become your own Numerologist. Numbers are everywhere and every second of the day you and I???? see numbers…. like on the clocks, the phones, you tag number and on your T.V. etc….

???? Numbers don’t lie. It is the Ultimate Universe language and guide that is energy and vibrations of different individual frequencies. I???? don’t need a Astrology chart with numbers to do a quick reading on you soon as I???? meet you and know your birthday….I???? know you and see thru you. Numbers are simple , accurate and fun. We all have a three birthday number code which is the attitude number, soul number or birth number or life path number. Check my playlist for anything you need to know about numbers. I???? give you everything and plus Astrology also.

???? -King Lit The Astro Numerologist

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