Numerology 8, life path of numerology number 8- Numerology 888& 8888

Numerology 8 or Life path 8 is denoted by Saturn. Saturn in Numerology is considered as female planet. Numerology 8 peoples are down to earth, very hard working, 8 number in numerology is also known as number of Money and property. Here we have also discussed about 88,888,8888 in numerology. Numerology 88 & Numerology 8888 are discussed in detail with the help of example.
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Learn Numerology: You can take this numerology course online, for demo on online course of numerology you may refer my video in my playlist (Learn Numerology). All of the videos are in Hindi. If you want to learn numerology in English also you may please contact me. You can refer my numerology videos and you can learn basics of Numerology for free. This is advance course on Numerology. In this course we will learn how to make prediction thorugh numerology.

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