Numerology How to Calculate your Life Path Number and Name Numerology Part 1 of 4 Self Knowledge

This is a Facebook Live I did in my group. Numerology helps us with self knowledge, showing us the blueprint of energy patterns we have.

By knowing these we can gain some distance from them which allows us to change them and move into the more positive aspects. Instead of saying “oh that’s just me”.

Once you have your life path number it’s helpful to google meanings for it. There are tons of sites that talk about life path numerology.

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1 Life Path: The Leader
2 Life Path: The Mediator
3 Life Path: The Communicator
4 Life Path: The Teacher
5 Life Path: The Freedom Seeker
6 Life Path: The Nurturer
7 Life Path: The Seeker
8 Life Path: The Powerhouse
9 Life Path: the Humanitarian

Thanks for watching.

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