Numerology: How to calculate your Life Path number correctly?

Numerology: How to calculate your Life Path number correctly?
Are you familiar with the term life path number ?
Have you ever heard of this terminology before?
What does it mean?
Hi everyone, Neo here, and in today’s video I will explain what a life path number is, and why you should know your own life path number.
Before we get in to the video, please stick around until the end, I have a impressive tool that I would love to share with you. That will not only help you with your personal life path number and its meaning, but help you with numerology as well.
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Now let’s get into the video.
What exactly is a life path number?
The life path number uncovers your higher purpose, it exposes the quality of your experiences collectively. By identifying strengths, weakness, talents, and ambitions it gives direction to your life’s path. Plainly put it gives a method to the madness.
Now, how do you calculate your own life path number?
Well let me start by saying determining your own life path number is not hard at all. You simply add all the numbers in your birth date, down to a single digit number to get your life path number, let me give an example.
For the example we will use the birth date, June, twenty fifth 1996.
June is the sixth month so we add 6 and zero together, to get the number 6 for the month, then we add the day which is the twenty fifth, when we add 2 and 5 together, we get the number 7, now we add the birth year which is 1996, when we add 1 and 9 together, we get the number 10, and when we add 9 and 6 together, we get the number 15, then we combine 10 and 15 to get the number 25, which, when we add 2 and 5 together we get the number 7 again.
Alright , now we have to combine the individual numbers we came up with in our example, the numbers 6, 7, and 7, once we combine these numbers to a single digit number we can determine our individual life path number.
So we start by adding 6 and 7 together to get the number 13, then we add the number 7 to 13 to get the number 20, now we add 2 and zero to get the life path number 2.
Okay, now that you’ve determined your singular life path number. What exactly does it mean to you?
How do you begin to get the knowledge and understanding that is unique to you?
Not the general meaning of your life path number, which you could probably get in a few sentences, but a more precise and accurate interpretation of your Specific life path number.
Which ultimately will give you an improved grasp on how numerology plays a big part in our daily lives.
At this time, I want to share with you a means, that will help you gain all the insight that your are seeking as you learn more about your personal life path number. As you grow in knowledge and start to apply what you’ve learned.
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It’s never to late to get your life on the right path, I hope you find this video helpful in determining your life path number and starting to understand what it all means.
And as always, thanks for watching, and goodbye until the next video.


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