Numerology Life Path 11 /2 and BHAGYANK 11/2 ,DESTINY NUMBER 11, master number 11, numerology 11

Numerology Life Path master number 11 /2 (part-2) ,DESTINY NUMBER 11, BHGYANK 11, Online course

Life doesn’t have to be difficult. God had made an easy path and a difficult path for everyone. We choose the best path we know. By consulting with senior and experienced astrologers, we can get better insights into our life path and the pain of wrong decisions or tough times becomes easier to bear.

Gitu Mirpuri says, “There is always a way. Never lose hope.”

Senior Numerologist in India
Senior Numerologist in India
Given Positive results from healing and crystal therapy to tens of thousands of people over a period of 30 years.
Lama Fera, Angel Therapy, Angel Numbers, Auto Writing, Tarot, Vastu Consultant, Astrology and Numerology, Aroma therapy, Colour Therapy, Magnified Healing, Self Hypnosis, Access Bars, Candle Therapy, Switch Words, Runes, Dowser, KP astrology, Nadi Astrology, Graphology, Ramal Vidya, Mantra Therapy, Crystal Ball Gazing, Pyramid Therapy, Palmistry, Fairy Therapy, Chakra Clearing, Aura Cleansing, Tarot Spells, Meditations

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call 7350007427, 02048610065, Course Contents:
Planets and numbers, their realtion.
Numbers Details,
Numerology 1
Numerology 2
Numerology 3
Numerology 4
Numerology 5
Numerology 6
Numerology 7
Numerology 8
Numerology 9
Numerology and name.
Numerology astrology
your qualities from your date of birth ruling number and destiny number.
Ruling number, Destiny number,
Lucky Numbers , Lucky career, Luck in finance, health ,
Name correction ,
business name correction,
signature correction.
Lucky Dates
Lucky colours
Lucky months
Lucky metals
Lucky Gems
Lucky days
Lucky months
Lucky years
Lucky semi-precious stones
Right career through lucky numbers
Unlucky colours
Metals, Gems,
Semi-precious stones,
days, months and years
lucky hours to work in and
using money number to get wealth.
Karmic Cycle Life Challenge Numbers Life cycles,
know your past, present future through your date of birth Your special qualities,
lucky hours to work,
money number
Soul urge number
Special lessons to learn in this birth Vedic grid
Pythagoras grid Chinese lo shu magic grid
Know your body chemistry and remedies
Marraige year Is their no marriage yog in your date of bith
Directions Lucky for you.
through numbers get to know what the other person thinking
mental and material vibrations lucky date through your name lo shu magic grid
lucky mobile numbers ,
lucky car numbers
lucky hour, time Through numbers,
find the answer of your question, pyramid system.
Remedies gems, semiprecious stones,
herbs, yantras, mantras, charities , puja to perform to improve your life. predictions , like male child/ female child. Location of the house

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