Numerology: Life Path #22 | Justice & Compassion

This video is all about the life path # 22 and what it means if you have this life path number!

People with the life path master number 22 are people who are idealistic and pragmatic at the same time. They have enormous power and are able to realize their own plans and visions of life. Empathy and charisma characterize them well. Sensitivity and vitality make them particularly reliable managers and employees who are committed and enthusiastic. They also possess strong willpower and a positive attitude to life. However, when these personalities feel restricted, the large amount of positive energy has a self-destructive effect and is directed against them. Sometimes the 22 tends to conform and – because of their need for love and recognition and out of consideration for others – does not lead the life that suits them. In this case, their constructive powers become psychic poison and cause great stress. Sometimes these manifest themselves in seclusion and psychosomatic complaints.

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