Numerology Life Path 4 : The Healer

So we are transitioning into the age of Aquarius. This time embodies humanitarianism, idealism, and freedom. It is an auspicious period of awakening!
We have all the tools and resources that we need to evolve through this experience. But only once we become aware of the essence of who we are on a soul level, will our truth come forth.

At this poignant time, I see the life path numbers as soul alignment codes. They are there to remind us of our soul identity. They bring us back to who we are, unveiling realisations of our true potential in this lifetime.
I hope you can relate!


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About me
In a nutshell, I am an Intuitive/ Energy Healer with an undying love for numbers and words. I am passionate about helping you to understand your path, and realise your soul’s potential.


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