NUMEROLOGY – LIFE PATH No.7: The Refined Loner

NUMEROLOGY – LIFE PATH No.7: The Refined Loner
Examples of Famous People with this Life Path Number are: Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Princess Diana, Antonio Banderas.
There are different schools of thought on Numerology because it is an ancient practice and is connected to Astrology, Tarot and other Esoteric Practices.
To work out Life Path Numbers I show two methods… using both methods you could obtain a number 4, for example, from you DOB but you could get a 4 one way and then obtain a 22 another way which would mean that your DOB has the potential to create a ‘Master Number’ although much power has been attributed to these Master Numbers traditionally… the basic and fundamental energy and power to your Life Path will be always be the 4 energy.
I have included two videos on the Life Paths of 11 and 22 though for further insight and interest but I would recommend to always relate back to the Life Paths of the 2 and the 4 respectively.
Enjoy finding out what your life path is and the characteristics that accompany it.
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