Numerology Master Life Path 11/2 Lessons

Numerology Master Life Path 11/2 Lessons
What do you need to develop and what do you need to release in this lifetime in order for your soul to expand in all areas of your life

This is a part of a series of videos about the impact of Life Path Numbers or LP’s for short.

Your D.O.B. (Date of Birth) holds vital coding information about your destiny and I want to help you unravel what journey you have chosen for expansion (growth) in this lifetime.

The LP is about the external influence and your growth.
Your name provided the internal influence and the skills you have for your growth

To work out your Life Path Number which has a 50% impact on your journey in this lifetime:

Working on a D.O.B. of 18th October 1985
Reduce down to a single digit the Day of birth e.g. 18 = 9
Reduce down to a single digit the Month of birth e.g. 10 = 1
Reduce down to a single digit the Year of birth e.g. 1985 =
1+9+8+5 = 23 and again 2+3 = 5
Now add all three single digits together e.g. 9+1+5 = 15
And reduce down to a single digit e.g. 1+5 = 6
This birthdate 18th October 1985 will experience the 6 Energy in this lifetime and will be supported by the 18/9 Energy of the Day of birth.

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