Numerology Number 6: Secrets Of Life Path 6!

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All Numerology Life Path 6 people should give this short but informative numerology video a watch as it will tell you a lot about what your life path has in store for you!

The number 6 people are usually nurturing, responsible, dutiful, kind and devoted but can also be known to be intolerant, discontented, dictatorial and dogmatic.

The numerology meaning of the number 6 is one of generosity, sacrifice and love and it’s also the number of love liasons.

The number six also symbolizes love, marriage and unions and so it comes as no surprise that the number 6s tarot representation is ‘the lovers’.

Astrologically the number 6 is related to both Virgo and Gemini and is also closely related to the planet Venus.

Earth and air are the elements of the life path number 6 people and their lucky stones include pearls, sapphires and diamonds.

Finally for the number six people their lucky month is July, their lucky day is Friday and their best days of the month are the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, the 9th the 15th and the 24th

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