Numerology Number 8 Secrets of Life Path Number 8

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In this short numerology video you’ll learn all about the numerology life path number #8 and will find out exactly what it means for you if you are a life path 8 person.

Number 8 people tend to be strong, self reliant, intelligent, clever and tasteful but can also be dogmatic, materialistic, unscrupulous and lethargic.

The life path number 8 people are the people that tend to attract the most wealth and it is the number of success, leadership and effective organization.

What is numerology and how does numerology work? On our channel, we will explain the in’s and outs and give you an overview of what Numerology is all about.

Simply put numerology is the belief in the link between numbers and phenomenons in the real world. Numerology is by new means new either and it has been studied for thousands of years.

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