Numerology Number 9: Secrets Of Life Path 9!

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In this video you’ll learn all about the numerology number 9 meaning as well as what exactly it means to be a numerology life path number 9 person.

The number 9 represents knowledge and experience and life path 9 people tend to be compassionate, tolerant, charming and idealistic. They are also well known for being both intuitive and mystical too. On the flip side though life path number 9 people can be stingy, impulsive and effusive.

They are also known for being humanitarians with a well developed sense of intuition and spirituality and their tarot representation is ‘the hermit’.

Astrologically the number 9 people are related to Virgo and Sagittarius as well as being closely related to the planets Mars and Jupiter as well as the Moon and the Sun.

The lucky gem stone of the 9 people is opal and their lucky month is September and lucky day is Monday!

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