Numerology & The Power of Your Life Path Number with Rebecca Scolnick (Witch Church Podcast Ep. 91)

Have you ever wondered about the significance of your Life Path Number, and how this number can add insight into your preexisting knowledge about your own Astrology? I was lucky enough to have an amazing chat with Becca as she lead me through ALL 9 LIFE PATH NUMBERS (plus 11 & 22) and shared her wisdoms about the divinity and power of each of these life paths. Rebecca’s connection with numbers and her own modernization of Numerology inspires me so much, and I think she’s gunna inspire you too!

➕Don’t know how to calculate your life path number? It’s easy. Just add the digits of your bday until you get a whole number.

Ex: December 10th, 1830
1+6= 7


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