PUBLIC INFO & EVIDENCE: Q Carlock Links Own Info In 2nd Video About OnPassive GoFounders MLM Pyramid

Q Carlock has taken part in an unlawful fundraising campaign on YouTube in the name of a missing 5-yar-old girl from Tennessee called Summer Moon Utah Wells. Q Carlock has videos on her YouTube channel that link through to her OnPassive profile that displays her own name in the public domain. Carlock has made an unjustified privacy claim against my video when all I did was follow the links in her own description in the video that I have linked in the fair use disclaimer below. Q Carlock has displayed her own info in an easily viewable format that she herself left links to her MLM page with the description reading: Just click the link and I’ll see you at the top! ????, here is the link to the website that she leaves in her description after those words: Carlock has also hosted this unlawful fundraiser on YouTube when she raised an alleged $32k, despite not being eligible for YouTube Fundraising Options. I have highlighted the concerns around her activity and she is resorted to making inappropriate claims against my videos in an effort to hide my evidence that has been confirmed by the Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Division Investigators, to have “exposed criminal activity”. See my earlier videos on the Summer Wells Reward Fund. Carlock is not 5013c registered.

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